Dive into the blue infinity of experiences and the beneficial power of thermal waters.

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Zreče Thermal Spa


Situated in the green environment of Zreško Pohorje


Terme Zreče, a modern Spa Resort with excellent natural properties, is situated in the midst of the lush green forests of Pohorje where the mountain River Dravinja calms down and connects the area with Dravinjske Gorice. Less than a half hour’s drive from here you will find the Rogla Sports Centre at a height of 1517 metres above sea level.  Air rich in oxygen and the good climate have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system.  The mild semi-alpine climate, infinite sports possibilities and the Spa make this place an excellent year-round tourist and Spa destination.




Terme Zreče Spa provides several accommodation options.  The  Dobrava Hotels comprise the Hotel  Atrij **** superior, which is inspired by the story of the apple, the fruit that helps you stay young and rejuvenates you, representing a natural source of health and energy. The commitment to tradition in the Hotel Atrij does not shift away from the modern trends, which you can notice and experience in any of its comfortable double rooms and suites. Adjacent family  rooms are spacious and conveniently furnished, enabling you to spend quality free time with your family.


If you are seeking relaxation and pampering, visit the Gala Suite, which has a private Finnish sauna and whirlpool bathtub with heated karmic bed, or Gala Prestige, which has a Finnish sauna, steam shower and whirlpool bathtub on the terrace. Your perfect stay will be upgraded further with rich aromas and the unique taste of food prepared from seasonal ingredients, which are usually produced locally.


The Hotel Vital**** is intended for those who want to experience an unforgettable vacation, break or business meetings. The Hotel Klasik*** is perfect for guests requiring post-operative rehabilitation. Villa TermeZreče comprises ten apartment houses surrounded by a wonderful forest and neat park, in the direct vicinity of the Hotel and swimming pools.  At the Villa Terme Zreče the guests can decide between self-catering rental,or  eating in the Hotel. Pets are welcome.


Indications, Spa treatment and Wellness


Terme Zreče Spa boasts the following medicinal properties: the medicinal thermal water, the alpine climate and the unique Pohorje peat. Their natural healing properties and our professionally trained and experienced doctors and therapists will help you to recuperate, as well as boost your energy and vitality in the Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Centre. The specialities of the Spa Centre: Post-operative conditions and muscle injuries, degenerative and inflammatory rheumatism, injuries and diseases of the peripheral nervous system, disorders of the peripheral blood circulation, and gynaecological diseases. Our specialist Outpatient Clinics include Orthopaedic, Physiotherapy, Internist – Cardiovascular, Varicose, Urologic, Neurologic, Proctologic, rheumatologic, and Plastic surgery Outpatient Clinics. Apart from therapeutic programmes, we also carry out diagnostic procedures, ultrasound diagnostics, magnetic resonance, laboratory tests, isokinetic tests, densitometry, and body tissue structure analysis. Our specialty is the individual treatment of patients throughout the rehabilitation period.

Your last traces of tiredness and tension will disappear once you visit the Idila Wellness & Spa Centre, which offers four “theme worlds” comprising various baths, types of massage and body care denoted for herbs, oils and the beneficial touch of our staff’s hands. The Sauna Village will embrace you with warmth and boost your energy level with scents, along with original air whirl programmes.


Terme Zreče
Cesta na Roglo 15
SI-3214 Zreče
Tel.: +386 3 75 76 000
Fax.: +386 3 576 24 46