Dive into the blue infinity of experiences and the beneficial power of thermal waters.

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The Strunjan bay offers more than 2.300 sunny hours per year and numerous possibilities for sports and leisure. Swimming in seawater is just one of the possibilities, which gives the joy of movement to the body. Walking along more than 80 kilometers of marked walking trails, bicycle ride through picturesque coastal villages, Nordic walking in the hinterland of Slovenian Istria… Peace and well-being are here connected to different experiences –through centuries, the salt production in the Strunjan salt-pans created a unique region with special architectural and historical characteristics and exceptional flora and fauna. There are more than 270 species of birds living here in the Mediterranean park as their constant habitat, and feel extremely well in it.
Above the Mjesečevi (Moon) bay stands the Church of Mary`s Apparition and it is the most important pilgrim`s church in Istria. Next to the big white cross, which protects the seamen and shows them the safe way home, is the place where you can experience the most beautiful sunsets. There is a junction of so called Dragon`s roads nearby, one of the most important bioenergetic centers of the Earth. The people say it gives them back their life energy. A person in Strunjan can pamper him/herself with every benefit to the soul and body.

Talaso Strunjan
Strunjan 148
SI-6323 Strunjan
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