Dive into the blue infinity of experiences and the beneficial power of thermal waters.

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Šmarješke Toplice Thermal Spa


From the Heart to the Heart

Šmarješke Toplice Spa are situated between forests and grass terrains, outside an urban settlement in the shelter of Dolenjska hills. Contemporary thermal spa, known for top medical services and exclusive offer of the most modern services of medical wellness, offers the guests many solutions on how to get out of the vicious circle of fast everyday life and answers on how to achieve their striving for health and relaxation.

The spa service is supplemented with a modern diagnostic center with numerous clinics and rehabilitation programs for athletes and patients with sport injuries, efficient and individually adjusted programs and services of medical wellness, as well as a rich offer of sport and recreational activities.


In Šmarješke Toplice Spa there are three exclusively equipped four star hotels available, surrounded by a spacious spa park. Spacious rooms provide the luxury of home. Hotel Vitarium superior is designed for the most demanding guests.

Spacious air conditioned rooms are designed with natural material, and there is also a presidential suite within the hotel. Recently renovated hotel Šmarjeta is suited for families and longer stays, and proudly offers spacious family rooms. Among other things, it offers single rooms with twin French beds. There is also the hotel Toplice, suited for those who go to vacation alone and look for peace and relaxation in the green nearby vineyards view.

Symptoms, spa treatment and wellness

Šmarješki health center is valued and recognized primarily for the efficient treatment of heart and cardiovascular diseases, prevention programs for health preservation and strengthening, for diabetics and coronary patients, the continuing rehabilitation after heart attack or cardiovascular surgery and for locomotor system injuries. In Šmarješke Toplice Spa there is a modern diagnostic center with specialist departments and recognized specialists of different fields. The specialists have all the contemporary equipment available, in the field of cardiology diagnostics as well as in the rehabilitation department.

Medical wellness center Vitarium Spa&Clinique is known for its complete program of services for preventing civilization diseases, consequence of modern way of life. It is designed for everyone aware of the fact that it is possible to conquer every life situation if a person is in good physical and mental shape.
Efficient relaxation programs in the center are a step on the way to good health, better well-being, renewing of physical energy and excellent physical and mental strength.
The special features of the center are detoxification programs with fasting and weight loss under medical supervision.

Vitarium Aqua is the world of thermal pools, saunas, favorite peelings, body-wraps and massages, as well as thermal baths. It is a refuge where, with help of thermal water, sounds of gentle music and sophisticated aroma, the overstressed body and spirit renew their energy reserves.
Terme Šmarješke Toplice
Šmarješke Toplice 100
SI-8220 Šmarješke Toplice
Tel.: +386 8 20 50 310