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Ptuj Thermal Spa


In the arms of Romans and courtiers


The 35 year old Ptuj Spa is one of the youngest spas in Slovenia and they are situated in the oldest Slovenian city that takes pride in roman and medieval heritage. It's exactly that heritage that is the basis for our events and activity program organization. Thermo- mineral water from our springs helps with rheumatic diseases and with conditions after surgeries and injuries. The eventful program of Roman games and ancient-roman weddings are organized for our guests every year, and our greatest feature is the thermal park- indoor and outdoor pool complex which offers more than 4.200 m2 of water surface with the largest water-slide system in Slovenia.



The Ptuj Spa has a modernly equipped four star Grand Hotel Primus. The inspiration for the name came from Marcus Antonius Primus, a general from Ancient Rome who commanded roman legions in these parts. The touch of Roman past can be felt in the invaluable offer of Grand Hotel Primus which offers a truly regal stay to its guests.

Luxurious wellness centre, Valens Augusta, represents the heart of the hotel and it includes Flavia thermal baths, Vespasianus swimming pools and Imperium of good feel. After the numerous water and spa experiences the Ptuj Spa have an apartment settlement, bungalows and a camp if you wish to have a pleasant stay. Everything you need for relaxation after the eventful experiences is at your disposal.


Symptoms, spa treatment and wellness


Our thermo-mineral water helps with rheumatic diseases and conditions arising due to injuries and surgeries of locomotion system, and our medical area has many clinics (dermatovereologic, physiatric, dental, gynecologic ) Even the ancient Romans knew how to rest their body and spirit. Even back then, they treated themselves with moments of relaxation in the Roman baths and we nourish that tradition today. Valens Augusta Wellness in Grand Hotel Primus, furnished in Roman style, consists of three parts: Imperium of good feel, Flavia thermal baths and saunas and Vespasianus swimming pools.

Imperium is the most modern feel good centre, furnished in Roman style. You’ll have a wide offer for body and face care. Wellness Valens Augusta also offers different packages designed to be a total relaxation experience for men, women and couples. Thermal baths and saunas Flavia are added to the attractive Roman ambience of Valens Augusta Wellness. For relaxation and good feeling you have at your disposal a Finnish sauna with chromatherapy, extreme Finnish sauna, aroma sauna, mud sauna, salt sauna, thermal water whirlpool and a cooling pool. Roman VIP sauna named Antinoos is intended for those that want more privacy. In the Vespasianus pool section there’s abundance of water experiences and enjoyment in the relaxing thermal pools. We also have special wellness programs designed for managers and sports animation.
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