Peace in the embrace of green nature. Balance of body and spirit. Invigorating health and maintaining beauty.

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After a stressful workday we often want to relax and sauna is suitable for relaxation and excretion of surplus substances from our body. You can go to sauna by yourselves, in couple or with friends. You can adjust sauna temperature yourself to satisfy your criteria, you can also rest there without anyone disturbing you. You can also adjust air turbulence.

Sauna is one of the most relaxing and most healthy activities in your spare time. This is not only the opinion of health experts but also the sauna visitors. Sauna cleans, prevents cold, regulates circulation, stabilizes blood pressure and is very healthy. The king’s pleasure of comprehensive cleansing sauna experience is offered in all natural health resorts. In the luxury of peace and relaxation, salt, beauty and meditation programs are conducted daily. Sauna has a positive effect on your health and feeling of well-being, good appearance of your skin, face and the body as a whole.

Among best known is the Finnish sauna, but many other types are known to us, such as salt, roman, Indian sauna. See for yourself and experience the pleasure of sauna that will cleanse your body, calm your mind and strengthen your spirit. Sauna is no short-term trend, but a part of life philosophy that helps you to stay healthy and in good shape.
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