Peace in the embrace of green nature. Balance of body and spirit. Invigorating health and maintaining beauty.

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The beauty of the face and body is the reflection of health, joy and satisfaction. In moderny equipped beauty and massage parlors in natural health resorts, the latest services and programs for facial and body care that include various therapeutic massages, are offered.

Massage program with facial and body care includes manicures, pedicures, anti-cellulite therapies, skin firming treatments and relaxation body massage. In massage centers and salons they take care of your tired muscles and relieve you of everyday stress. There, for a few minutes, you can forget all your problems and treat yourself to a gentle and relaxing massage.

The use of aromatic oils also has a positive and beneficial effect on a man’s psyche. That is why, during massage treatment, you will also receive care with oils. Massage effects include improved blood circulation, relaxed muscles and physical and mental relaxation. Massage is a unique sensation – so that that sensation would last as long as possible, in some places you will also be pampered with herbal massages that are done with hot herbal bundles. Body receives certain essential oils that are released from herbs at high temperatures. Bundles in this type of massage contain various herbs, depending on client wishes, for relaxation, detoxification and invigoration of the body.

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