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Facial care

Our face, as well as our body, needs special care and massages. Facial care is extremely important for healthy and beautiful skin. Thanks to it we can slow down skin aging. The skin is soft and has a fresh and youthful appearance. Skilful hands and quality and well chosen cosmetics can really do wonders. If you have ever experienced such a treatment than you know that it offers you more than just facial care, as important as it is, but it also helps you to relax, it calms you and also contributes to the sense of well-being.

In facial care, numerous services that can vary in length, contents and used cosmetics are performed. In beauty centres and natural health resorts various types of facial care are offered – facial care for adolescents, problematic and acne skin, care of neck and décolletage, massages, shaping of eyebrows, wrinkle removal and special facial care for skin rejuvenation.
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