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Even our ancestors enjoyed in beneficial effects of thermal and herbal baths. They were used for healing on royal courts and in palaces. Old Egyptians hah a high appreciation for fragrant scents. Rich men and women massaged their skin with scented oils daily to soften the skin and protect it from harsh and dry climate. They enjoyed beneficial baths with various healing herbs.

In addition to herbs, mineral baths also have a beneficial effect on our skin sense of well-being. Mineral baths, thanks to the extremely high level of CO² improve blood circulation, sooth, have a beneficial effect on tired muscles and relax the whole body while at the same time they awaken the organism and make our thoughts clear.

Because of their remarkable effects on the sense of well-being and body, mineral baths are one of the most popular therapies in health resort medical centres. For better effect in some baths, rose or lavender essential oils are added. In some places they decide on additions in the form of milk and salt that have totally relaxing effect on us.
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