Peace in the embrace of green nature. Balance of body and spirit. Invigorating health and maintaining beauty.

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Styria is the largest Slovenian region. It is divided into Drava region or Upper Styria and area along the Savinja river basin – Savinjska or Lower Styria. Central vein of Upper Styria is river Drava that has carved her way med Kozjak on the north and Pohorje on the south. From Maribor, the capitol of Styria, she runs through the world of planes as she has always done, much before the creation of the oldest places in that area. Once upon a time shepherds walked there, as well as the workers from early glassworks and iron workers from Fužine, charcoal workers dealt with coal, rafters with rafts.

Just above Maribor extends Pohorje, natural oasis higher than 1. 500 meters with woods, pastures, waterfalls and precious peat bogs. Cyclists, hikers and skiers can find their peace on Pohorje. Characteristic of the region are Drava and Ptuj fields and the extensive wine-growing hills. Styria includes Zasavska region and Posavina hills. Lower Styria, which boasts with the green Savinjska valley, hides more exquisite beauty. Natural pearl is Logar valley, one of the most beautiful alpine valleys, where in the waterfall Rinka Savinja starts its path.

Due to favourable climatic and soil conditions, locals turned a large part of Savinjska valley in large hop-gardens. That led to the development of brewing industry in Laško. In Savinjska we find beautiful lakes that are appropriate for sailing and fishing. It is the home of Savinjska alps and ski resorts. Zasavje is the area of colliers (miners) and coal mine pits, it is the home of the highest chimney in Europe. Celje is also economically well developed. Every year international trade fair is held there.

Most natural health resorts are in Styria. there you can enjoy in beneficial effects of healing springs. In Thermae Ptuj one of the newest healing resorts in Slovenia you can come down the biggest water slides in our country, in the embrace of the green Pohorje you are already tempted by Thermae Zreče which are, due to mountains, known for climatotherapy. Thermae Dobrna are known as the oldest working health resort in Slovenia, springs there were already known in roman times, the special characteristic of Health resort Rogaška are the miraculous healing powers of Rogaška mineral water filed with magnesium. It was used by the alchemists in the Middle Ages. Oriental rites in Turkish baths and resting in Japanese garden pamper guests in Thermae Olimia. In thermal spas in the middle of picturesque mountains with a view of Karavanke – the longest mountain ridge in Europe – you can enjoy in Thermae Topolšica. Special therapies with incentive powers are offered in Thermae Laško where the water has outstanding biofield and makes surprisingly regular water crystals.
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