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Cultural heritage

Pomurje is a real treasury of cultural heritage. Rotunda in Selo was built in the first half of the 13th century. It allegedly it was built by Templar knights. It is made of home-made bricks. Plečnik’s church in Bogojini has exceptional historical value. The old church Of our Lord’s Ascencion existed on the same place in the 14th century. Because of the significant gothic characteristics it is one of the prekmurian gothic churches.

In the vicinity of Bukovniško lake is the chapel of St. vid, built in the 19th century. Well known is yet another cultural heritage, over 600 year old martinian church of St. Martin with one of the most beautiful bell towers in Slovenia. Evangelic church in Murska Sobota built in the 17th century and castle Grad in Goričko built in the 13th century, one of the largest manors in Slovenia, are a part of Slovenian cultural heritage as well.
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