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Dolenjska and Posavje

They say that Dolenjska is a land of tart light red vine (cviček), dry goods making, Green George (St. George) and thermal springs. It lies in south-east Slovenia. The warmest Slovenian river Kolpa runs through it. Dolenjska is filled with valleys and hills where we can find grapevine and idyllic cottages. It is a treasury of history, ancient sites and culture. All about the region’s history is collected in numerous galleries and museums.

Green beauty Krka winds through Dolenjska and gives this region special value. Along the river various places have developed for centuries. Among those Novo Mesto stands out with its rich archaeological heritage. On a rocky bend shaped by Krka, an old medieval town was built from which todays cultural, administrative, economic and regional centre has developed.

Along the rivers Krka and Sava three health resort are built. Thermae Dolenjske toplice that offer modern wellness centre in an amazing natural surroundings, while in Thermae Šmarješke toplice you can enjoy in an old wooden outdoor pool. Thermal springs are active in Posavje as well. Posavje was once known for metal and coal industry. It is a kind of border between Styria on the left bank of the river Sava and Dolenjsko on its right bank. Krško and Brežice are the centres of this region.

Thermal Riviera Thermae Čatež is located in the vicinity. There pools and slides provide aquatic entertainment for all generations. Vast forests of Kočevski rog and Gorjanci give special touch to Dolenjska region – through their rich flora and fauna numerous bike paths and walking trails coil themselves round and help you to simultaneously relax and gain new strength.
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Dolenjska and Posavje