Peace in the embrace of green nature. Balance of body and spirit. Invigorating health and maintaining beauty.

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In the world capital of bograč-stew every day is a new experience

The paraffin-rich thermal water of Lendava Spa is very much different from the other thermal waters in this part of Europe. The high level of natural paraffin in the water works soothing on the skin and is very effective with treatments of all kinds of rheumatical conditions, conditions after injuries and operations of the locomotoric system, conditions after diseases of peripheral nerve system, after burns. The paraffin-rich water also works soothing for elimination of chronic inflammation of genital organs.

Your skin will be soft and smooth as silk

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Therefore is should be the one we nourish the most. After bathing in the unique paraffin-rich thermal water on the Lendava spa your skin will be soft and smooth as silk. With our relax and nourishing programmes the staff of the wellness department will pamper you with different kinds and types of massages. Relaxation is also guaranteed in our sauna center.

Get healthy on the barefoot path

A special acupressure path has been built directly by the thermal pools, where you can walk barefooted on different types of surfaces. This unusual feet massage works on every acupressure points on the feet in a natural way and therefore has a soothing effect on the whole human organism: it stimulates the blood circulation, activates natural defence mechanism and strengthens the vitality of the body.

Silver for grandpas and grandmas

Enjoy the unique paraffin thermal water, for which the locals say, that it helps if you have problems with everything that comes along the years. We don't see a reason why not trust them.

ACCOMMODATION: Hotel Lipa***, Apartment village Lipov gaj***

The package includes:

  • accommodation with half board in a double room
  • unlimited use of the hotel swimming pools with paraffin-rich thermal water
  • the possibility of using the pools for the whole day on the day of the departure (without use of bathrobe and towels)
  • a welcome drink and a presentation of the health spa (Mondays)
  • night swimming (Fridays and Saturdays until 23:00 hrs)
  • 1x consultation with the doctor
  • 1x apply of Spa Lyndva Gel
  • Morning gymnastics on weekdays
  • 1x basket of health
  • 1x organized march (lasts 1 hour)
  • 1x lecture by a physician specialist of physical medicine
  • the use of a bathrobe
  • 2x a week live dance music
  • free parking
  • entertainment programme

To add that something special:

  • Wellness offer of the month only 8 Eur
  • Spa Lyndva gel collection instead 28,50 Eur only 24 Eur
  • XXL Wiener schnitzel (1 kg) only 15 Eur
  • 1x complete body wrap with a scent of lavender for the lady instead 58 Eur only 42 Eur
  • 1x complete body wrap with a scent of camphor for the gentleman instead 58 Eur only 42 Eur
  • Aqua Detox (body detoxication therapy) instead 19 Eur only 15 Eur

Surcharges for: tourist tax (0,92 EUR per person per day), single room

»Potato holidays« full of experience

We can already smell the shepherds potatoes of Lendava and the sweet cookies of our »grandma's kitchen«. Our youngest guests will compete in the »PUMPKIN« games, while on the »POTATO« games there will be also the harmonica music played. On workshops the children will together with parents or grandparents make souvenirs out of straw. New in our entertainment programme is a puppet show, a theatre play and the hunt for the »great potato«. Our youngest guests will learn the story of the brave Knight »Miha«, they will compete in kids pool Olympics and have fun while playing Playstation games, Monopoly, Uno and bingo.

In the period of »Potato Holidays« the special bonuses for families are valid: one child up to 12 years and children up to 6. years have accommodation with half board free of charge.

Welcome to Lendava – The world capital of Bograč 2011

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Experience the benefits of “The Black Gold” at the spa resort Terme 3000

You’ll fell reborn

Speaking in terms of your wellbeing and health preservation there are many options to choose from: treat yourself to a pampering at the center Thermalium and find the one among the variety of services that perfectly fits your taste. You can indulge yourself in unique baths and massages: Pannonian tub bath in the natural black thermal mineral water, complemented by sound, light and magnetic effects or unique massages with a local touch: massage with pumpkin seed oil or oil, which contains herbs from the Pannonian meadows.

After the hot summer months Thermalium wellness experts recommend the treatment with the water lily that desensitizes and cools the skin, green tea and chamomile will abolish the damage the skin suffered from the exposure to sunlight during the summer. This professional care brings about immediate relief, soothes skin, cools and relaxes. It is also suitable for pregnant women.

Regeneration with septaria

In the rest room of the wellness centre Thermalium this 15 million years old amazing concretion is kept that supports the curing processes of the body in a fully natural way. It strengthens the memory, self confidence and activity in the brain. Staying near septaria restores the vital energy, overcomes insomnia, cures muscles, joints and improves the immune system.

Pampering at Thermalium

Every month of this year the wellness centre Thermalium prepares specials and bonuses for its guests. Choose one for yourself and enjoy in the embrace of thermal springs from Moravske Toplice.

in October: 
Thermalium manicure, Thermalium pedicure, Thermalium spa treatment, Thermalium facial care,Thermalium massage,Thermalium romantic bath for two and Thermalium natural or thermal mineral bath 

Hospitality of Prekmurje

Moravske Toplice and its surroundings offer many hiking and biking trails, cultural heritage can be learnt and experienced in a visit to a Romanesque church in Selo and the famous church of the architect Jože Plečnik in Bogojina, crafts enthusiasts may try out pottery, knitting of the husk, wicker and straw, or baking gingerbread ... The hospitable locals will be happy to chat with you or refer you to the nearest oil mill or potter. And just for sure you won’t leave the place without tasting excellent wines produced from the nearby wine-growing hills which invite for a stroll along the wine routes.

Programs for seniors

In the autumn, an attractive program has been prepared for seniors. The package includes free hire of Nordic walking sticks. Morning gym programs and water exercises are tailored to the wishes and needs of guests. To be as affordable as possible we provide cheaper accommodation on the week days and do not charge a surcharge for single room.

Autumn holidays for young and young at heart

During the holidays there is a rich entertainment program for kids. In the kid's club of Viki the Stork, interesting activities take place, including culinary events, finding magic treasure, gold fairy hours, puppets and pyjama party, and the magic night. The whole family will take a walk together with the entertainment staff to explore the land of Viki the Stork. A possibility of the organized tour of the traditional Halloween in Grad, Goričko will be provided..

Family bonus: during the autumn holiday free accommodation on half board basis for one child up to 12 years old and another child up to 6 years in a room with two adults.

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For your heart

You can visit the lectures of specialist from the area of cardiovascular diseases, check blood pressure, cholesterol, try healthy food for the heart, can be active on marathon or hiking for your heart. You can test your sport shoes, can do measurements with Garmin watches, you can do water aerobics, swimming, fitness… Sport will be very important as cooperation between different generations and care for your heart in family.

Programme on Friday, 30th September 2011

11.00 am – 12.00 pm »Risk factors and preventive for heart and circular diseases«
Andrej Vugrinec, Specialist in internal diseases, Health spa Radenci
12.00 am – 1.00 pm »Use of medicines and use of nutrition supplements in case of heart and circular diseases«
prof. dr. Samo Kreft, Faculty for pharmacy
1.15 pm – 2.45 pm Discussion: »Risk factors and preventive for heart and circular diseases and influence on absenteeism«
  • prof. dr. Samo Kreft, specialist on area pharmacy and use of medicine,
  • Tatjana Krajnc Nikolić, head of unit for health statistics on ZZZS Murska Sobota,
  • Ivan Tibaut, director of ZZZS, regional unit Murska Sobota
  • Mladen Kučiš, director of health spa Radenci.
The discussion will be guided by Mr. Peter Frankl, newspaper Finance
  • 9.00 am – 12.00 am Heart workshop - cooperation between different generations on subject »Work with your heart«
  • 8.00 am – 11.00 am MEASUREMENTS - heartbeat Blood pressure measurement and cholesterol measurement
  • 10:30 am Presentation of Muki the squirrel and kangaroo Vzajemko (leisure programme for kids)

Programme on Saturday, 1st October 2011

  • 9.00 am – HIKING »For healthy heart« by the health springs of life in Radenci (5 km)
  • 10.30 am – MARATHONE »Running for healthy heart not for time« 5,4 km
  • 12.00 am and 2.00 pm: AEROBICS – »Heart water aerobics« in Thermal Spa Radenci


9.00 am - 2.00 pm:

  • Measurements and presentation on Garmin products
  • Test of sport shoes by
  • Market with presentation and degustation of healthy food and healthy lifestyle

The participants of hiking and marathon have free entrance in thermal spa for three hours. All visitors of the event can use 50 % discount on entrance in thermal spa for three hours.

In coming month October the subject of the month in Health spa Radenci will be green tourism and occasion for visiting eco weekends or Halloween holidays.

More information for active and colorful autumn in Health spa Radenci >>


First minute - MAGIC CHRISTMAS

First minute – New Year’s 2011/12

FIRST MINUTE already for 238 EUR per person (3 nights). Included services: New year's welcome drink, NEW YEAR'S EVE DANCE with dinner, 31.12.2011, NEW YEAR'S DANCE with dinner, 01.01.2012, New year's present,...

Happy hour

Cavitation programmes, Body shaping programmes, Anti-cellulite programmes 20 % discount.

Short Autumn break

from 01.10. till 23.12.2011already for 86 € per person (2 x half board). Rich animation programme.
Without single room supplement in the period: 13.11. – 23.12.2011.

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Eco autumn vacation in Thermana Laško

Beer wellness pampering at the wellness spa centre of the Wellness Park Laško

At Thermana Laško, we are also aware of the importance of nature’s wealth, healing properties of natural ingredients as well as using local gifts of nature. Therefore, we increasingly develop our wellness offer in the direction of authenticity.

Apart from Laško thermal water, which has been at the core of our wide range of modern and medical wellness programmes for many years, there is a novelty, a new touch of a homely feel, namely we have prepared an attractive beer and honey wellness offer at the Wellness Park Laško and Laško Thermal Spa. Moreover, all these programmes are complemented with a whole range of our offer, including gastronomy, entertainment as well as trips and workshops.

Furthermore, our beer products are based on a raw material produced in the Laško Brewery, and are a result of know-how of the company LEKOS from Sevnica. Our therapists will use the best of their knowledge and experience to pamper you at our Wellness Spa Centre with beer masks and massages, scrubs and cares, baths, and soon with beer shampoo and soaps.

By combining a variety of natural oils we have adapted our new beer products to different skin types – some products intensively moisten the skin, while others feed it. Our new beer treatments are suitable for the young as well as mature skin, for men and women, making your skin soft and elastic again.

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50 % discount for the second person!

Taking a break at Terme Šmarješke Toplice Spa&Wellness is the right choice in any season. It’s a health investment and a counterbalance to everyday hustle and bustle. Autumn moments can be enjoyed in your favourite company for a very special price...

We have prepared several special packages for our guests on the 5th anniversary of Vitarium Welness Centre at Šmarješke Toplice – so that each guest can find exactly what they want and need. If you decide for a shorter autumn break, you will find a special offer in one of the packages – a 50 % discount for the second person.

Treat yourselves to a comfortable half board accommodation, unlimited swimming in thermal pools with healing water, relaxation in the world of various saunas and numerous physical activities – morning hydrogymnastics, water aerobics, Nordic walking … To keep the boredom away, we also promise you evening gatherings with the smiling hotel host, the visit of an old beekeeper and diverse entertainment surprises 3 nights for two people from 278,00 EUR!

In case you want your break to be the start of a healthier lifestyle, we offer you two amazing possibilities: Mini Slim-Fit and Mini Vita-Detox. The first one with the help of the latest medical findings and procedures solves the problem of being overweight, while including safe methods of burning fat, firming and lifting of flabby body parts and stimulating flexibility, elasticity and regeneration of tissues. The latter helps detoxify your body. Namely, Mini Vita-Detox is a shorter form of the well-known detoxification programme that stimulates secretion of harmful substances from the body. It’s based on dietary detoxification with freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices or on fasting with whey or soups and tailored physical activities. Don’t worry... we are well aware that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy so we also take care of relaxation …

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Autumn holidays with Ted the Bear

Autumn arouses different feelings and thoughts in people: the golden autumn, the mature period, a time of harvest and wine harvest, the maturity, the introduction to winter. And Ted the Bear shares the same thoughts. This is why he is going to prepare potato and chestnut picnics in autumn and get ready for winter.

Terme Dolenjske Toplice will provide their guests with numerous adventures between 28th October and 6th November. Autumn time-off includes accommodation with half board in one of the three hotels, meals in the form of culinary adventures, yet within the balanced diet limitations, warm haven of thermal springs and unlimited possibilities of swimming - also night swimming on Fridays and Saturdays, wellness pampering in the world of saunas, Zen room with waterbeds, and sport offer for everybody – guided recreational hikes, stretching, yogalates, breathing exercises… Piano evenings at the café and picnics with music are an absolute treat for the soul. 3x half board from 158,49 EUR per person!

Children will absolutely love it! They will be welcomed by the cute Ted the Bear who will later accompany them at different activities. They will gather the crops and join in a treasure hunt. When the time is right, Ted the Bear will organize Halloween. He will help the children bake cookies, so that the autumn holidays will smell even better. And that’s not all! They will be able to take part in Ted’s water adventures, merry sports games, creative workshops, fairytale hours...

Special offer for families: one child up to the age of 12 sharing a room with two adults stays for free; 50% discount for every subsequent child from the age of 4 till the age of 12 staying in their own bed in a connecting family room.

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Everybody wants to be head-to-toe healthy, right?

Do you feel like you are burning out? Are you experiencing back pain? There is a quick and efficient solution for your problems! Talaso Strunjan as a prominent thalasso-therapeutic institute is basically a medical resort, where experienced professionals take care of your health.

In Strunjan, we take care of your well-being when you suffer from degenerative rheumatic disorders of back and joints, after you have undergone locomotor system surgeries, and we ease the problems with respiratory diseases and with chronic dermatitis. A 7-day treatment programme includes initial doctor’s consultation, 10 therapies - based on doctor’s consultation, Nordic walking and pool exercise led by a professional physical therapist.

Price of the programme: 205,00 EUR; for Terme Krka Club members: 184,50 EUR.

The treatment is even more efficient if you spend the week in a beneficent environment of the unspoilt landscape park. Accommodation at Talaso Strunjan Hotels ensures all the comfort you need – including a diverse entertainment programme, physical exercise in the open air full of healing aerosols… During your stay you can undergo cardiac diagnostic testing (ECG, heart and carotid vascular system ultrasound, cicloergometry), bone density measurements (densitometry), ultrasound of the joints and soft tissue.

If you only want to relax – we offer you two highly efficient programmes for your optimal physical well-being this autumn: the Back relaxation programme includes 1 manual back massage (30 min.), 1 body wrap with fango mud, 1 Niagara seawater massage. Price of the programme: 66,00 EUR; for Terme Krka Club members: 59,40 EUR. The Salia programme includes 1 partial manual massage of the body (30 min.), 1 Niagara seawater massage and 1 free pass to the world of saunas (3 hours). Price: 52,00 EUR; for Terme Krka Club members: 46,80 EUR.

More about the offer >>

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New in Terme Zreče – Atrij Hotel

Pamper yourself and relax with the view of spectacular seasons of the year. Enjoy a peaceful and harmonious adventure at the foot of the green Pohorje in the course of your travel through the worlds of Sawadee, the lands far away, romance, pampering for two and Spa & Beauty of the new Wellness & Spa Centre in Terme Zreče.

In the pleasant atmosphere of the new restaurant you can taste the rich diversity of selected culinary delicacies, which combine the modern trends and a healthy nutrition, while also preserving the traditional elements. Discover the characteristics of the exceptional wine-growing region surrounding us, or visit the rustic wine shop, where you will be able to taste the diverse Slovenian wines.

Simply enjoy the variety of new experiences in Terme Zreče.

Opening: AUTUMN 2011


More about the offer >>


Get 50% discount for 2nd person!

Price: 189,00 € for the 1st person and ONLY 94,50 € for 2nd person.

More about the offer >>


A colourful autumn at Terme Ptuj

Autumn is the time when you can enjoy Terme Ptuj in vivid colours created by nature. Even at this time of year, we offer many affordable programmes for staying at Grand Hotel Primus (****superior), at the apartments (***), the bungalows (***) or the holiday homes (***). You can choose any of the ways to relax offered by the hotel’s Valens Augusta Wellness Centre or bask in the last warm rays of sunshine while eating a sweet Primus cake. You can also walk the trail leading to the oldest Slovenian town or take a bicycle trip around Ptuj and visit a local agritourism farm.

The Thermal Park invites you year round to bathe in the mineralised thermal healing water, where you can relax with water-jet massages or have a recreational swim in the Olympic-size swimming pool. For refreshments, you can visit the Zila Restaurant.

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