Peace in the embrace of green nature. Balance of body and spirit. Invigorating health and maintaining beauty.

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Farewell from the old year in good company

New year, new desires, new goals. Then good old promises and ideas of how many things we will change in the young year, but in March or April we realize that we are still walking on established paths and that we really need to do something for ourself... yes, next year.

You can join us in Terme Dobrna already this year in the middle of December.

Christmas will be magical, to all that will make reservation until 09.12., we will give voucher for 1 x night GRATIS STAY. First minute offer in Hotel Park, 3 x half boards - 138 € per person in double room. Guests who will be staying in a hotel Park and Vila Higiea will not be extra charged for single room. 1 child up to 14 years old will be staying for free. The package “Magic Christmas” includes welcome drink, Christmas cocktail, free Internet access, one entry to the Sauna land, Christmas gift, unlimited swimming, Christmas concert, night swimming at the candle light, our youngest guests will enjoy in Christmas club with our chestnut elf Vitko.

Wait New Year's eve in an excellent mood, do not miss the First minute offer for NEW YEAR'S EVE 2011/2012, already from 238 € - 3 x overnight per person in double room. Included services: New Year's Eve gala dinner and welcome drink, New Year's dance with dinner on the 1st of January, New Year’s present, unlimited swimming in thermal pools with thermal healing water ,one entry to the Sauna land and a rich animation program. Enjoy every minute with those that you care about the most – in Terme Dobrna where the well-being for centuries at home is.

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Autumn – Winter Idyll in the best hotel


  • Half board with buffet meals in the restaurant crystals - show cooking
  • 3 x weekly theme dinners
  • Free entrance to the Lotus spa (swimming pools and saunas)
  • Every Friday and Saturday night swimming until 23:00 pm
  • Free entrance to fitness center
  • Use of bathrobe and towel for swimming
  • Bottle of healing mineral water Donat Mg in the room upon arrival
  • Entrance to Hit Casino Fontana
  • A rich animation program (organized walks, board games, workshops, dance evenings Imperial Cappuccino or live music)

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Eco autumn vacation in Thermana Laško

Honey Stories of Laško

Bee-keeping and honey production have rich history and tradition in Slovenia. Slovenes are the only nation in the European Union which has had its native bee species, namely the Carniolan honey bee, protected. We are known as a nation emotionally attached to bees as well as a nation boasting many worldwide famous apiculture names.

The honey story begins by viewing an exhibition of bee-keeping heritage taking you back to 1902, when organised bee-keeping began in Laško and its surroundings. The exhibition shows the development of bee-keeping through history and the production of beehive products in the past and present.

Then you continue your tour with the viewing of a garden with bee-attracting plants in the spa’s park, as well as getting to know about the life of the Carniolan honey bee through thematically diverse descriptions in the nature interpretation style.

Honey Wellness

In 2010, Thermana Laško was the first in Slovenia to start writing a variety of honey stories. On a natural basis of medicinal and beneficial properties of honey, we have developed attractive programmes with the apt name “Honey Pampering”. You may choose from facial and body care using honey-based cosmetic products, as well as honey massages, honey wrappers, honey baths and honey saunas. We have also upgraded our honey pampering stories with apitherapy counselling. An apitherapist will give you professional advice on the preventive use of bee products and how to alleviate various illnesses.

The Honey Gastronomic Offer

Honey is omnipresent in our gastronomy, ranging from an aperitif – we offer you our house mead - to honey set meals, refreshing drinks as well as sweet pampering. The honey (solely Slovenian honey) used in our dishes occurs in traces as an additional ingredient, yet it is a common thread of the whole set meal from a starter to a dessert.

In addition, our congress offer has been enriched with honey breaks offering you a variety of honey lemonades, home-made gingerbreads as well as honey pies and muffins. Moreover, you may also pamper yourself with fresh fruit and an assortment of cheeses combined with a honey fountain.

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New years's eve dreaming!

Holidays in Hotel Sotelia and Hotel Breza in Terme Olimia. Our guarantee is joy, peace, and relaxation of body and mind! For all bookings made till 15.11.2010 we admit 15% discount.

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Lendava invites you to an unforgettable safari

The programme begins in early morning hours. A jeep takes the guests to the »Murska šuma« forest, they drive to a kind of ranch with water buffalos and pannonian beef. Here the photographers will enjoy to take a lot of pictures, because the scenery offera a lot of motives. After that the trip continues deeper in to the forest. The guests will also see the remains of the ancient rain forest, a place protected by the programme Natura 2000. The trip ends ca. 250 meters from the tri-border of Slovenia – Hungary – Croatia on a point where the river Krka flows into the river Mura. There the guests will enjoy a meal on open fire, entertainment programme and competition in shooting with air rifle or slingshot. Bevor leaving the end point of the trip guests can »hug« over 200 years old poplar tree. At the end we have also a surprise ready for our guests. The guides will drive the group than back to hotel Lipa, where they will go back to enjoying the benefints of the unique paraffin rich thermal water or enjoy a nice relaxing massage.

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Terme Šmarješke Toplice: How is your heart? Put it to a test!

Cardiovascular diseases are a great danger to a modern man. Pay a visit to a cardiologist and find out what condition you are in, how strong your heart is, whether your veins are healthy … On the basis of your test results you will be advised on how to live so that you will be able to live longer and better!

You can take the opportunity to learn something new about yourself during your time-off at Terme Šmarješke Toplice before the winter starts. Test your heart! We have prepared two special programmes at Terme Šmarješke Toplice for those who would like to get a preventive check-up and for those who want to improve their health condition:

  • a 2-day programme with a cardiac check-up, anthropometric measurements, a stress test, hazard analysis and 2x half board at the Šmarjeta Hotel****. Price: instead of 276,00 EUR only 155,00 EUR!
  • a 5-day programme with a cardiac check-up, anthropometric measurements, a stress test, hazard analysis, 2x »vacusac« treatment (for improving circulation, easing the heart function, improving tonus and vascular system function, reducing the feeling of heavy legs; the treatment is helpful with peripheral artery diseases, vein diseases and lymph vessels diseases; it is also used for detoxification and cellulite removal) and 5x half board at the Šmarjeta Hotel****. Price: instead of 507,00 EUR only 319,00 EUR!

If you choose this programme during your time-off it will definitely be a good investment into health and a counterbalance for the everyday hustle and bustle. Equipped with the knowledge of how to control the main risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, such as smoking, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity, and with the conscience that you know your heart well, you will be able to step into the future easier and enjoy each and every day.

From the heart – to the heart. Terme Šmarješke Toplice.

The arrivals for the two above-mentioned programmes are possible from Sunday to Thursday, from 2nd October till 20th December 2011.

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Terme Dolenjske Toplice: Honey fairytale or Waiting for the new year to begin

The natural resources at Dolenjske Toplice, the basis of which is the warm thermal water that boasts with body temperature, the ideal location at the foot of the vast Kočevje forest and kind and hospitable people, may be the cause that a man gets the idea that this fairytale Toplice valley is the place flowing with milk and honey...

Well, milk and honey do not literally flow here, but we do know how to pamper the body and soul at Dolenjske Toplice so that the guests can indulge in that primal feeling of comfort and peace at least for a few moments... a few such moments that can only be found in a fairytale about the lands where the milk and honey are flowing.

Festive December days are the right time for you to experience this magic. Join us in our travel to the fairyland where everything is fine and cosy between 28th December 2011 and 2nd January 2012… where everything smells of honey and gingerbread biscuits and where the good people are the rule and not the exception …

Honey fairytale at Terme Dolenjske Toplice promises culinary experiences with self-service breakfast and served lunch or dinner with several menus, accommodation in one of the three hotels, warm haven of thermal springs and unlimited swimming, pampering in the world of saunas, sport for everybody with guided recreational hikes, Nordic walking, stretching, yogalates, Aquafit, musical evenings at the Café with a piano by the fireplace.

Your time-off will be especially sweet, more precisely honey-sweet… we have prepared winter night walks with torches, honey eve at the Café, winter afternoon hike to the beekeeper’s, culinary workshop – making gingerbread biscuits, presentations of beekeeping products by beekeepers themselves, an excursion to a tourist farm with a visit to the beekeeper’s, a lecture »The significance of bees for our mental and physical well-being«, presentation of old musical instruments, … and for the children the amusing adventures with Ted the Bear (creative workshops, walks in the hotel’s vicinity, fairytale hours, treasure hunt …).

Price: a 3-day time-off from 190,95 EUR.

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Talaso Strunjan: Come and spend your autumn holidays at the seaside!

Autumn holidays at the seaside have a special charm – for both the adults as well as for the children. The theme of these holidays will be pumpkins, good magic spells, fun recreation and … persimmons. The Strunjan fruit of Gods will celebrate its festival this autumn between 11th and 13th November – it will by lively, educational, interesting, delicious and it will smell of honey.

Talaso Strunjan bears a proud name of the sunny bay of wellbeing for it has 2300 hours of sunshine per year. What is more, it has an extraordinary location by the sea – in a protected landscape park next to thousand-year-old salt pans. The sun and the sea in the immediate vicinity with their beneficent effects enabled the development of the holistic thalassic approach, which is based on the use of different sea elements.

Bear in mind that not only the spring months but also the autumn months are perfect for the people with chronic health conditions for they can get ready for the unpleasant and often problematic wintertime. A visit to the seaside town, such as Strunjan with its clean, healing air, almost unnoticeable temperature changes between night and day and other climatic effects that are especially beneficent for the individuals with respiratory problems, can prevent the occurrence of even greater problems in winter months.

This is why you should take advantage of this special autumn offer and visit Talaso Strunjan, situated in the embrace of a pine grove. Holidays programme between 28th October and 6th November offers you accommodation with half board in a double room, culinary experiences, water adventures in pools with heated seawater, diverse children’s programme (with pumpkins, witches and a magician), guided walks, excursions, a lecture on persimmons, dance music, Nordic walking and water aerobics...

Price: a 3-day time-off from 115,00 EUR.

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